Southwest Clinical Research Institute (SCRI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwest Kidney Institute, is a dedicated clinical research center.  We are located in Tempe, Arizona along with multiple satellite locations throughout the state. Through our research program, investigational and post-market drugs and devices are available on a voluntary basis that not only furthers development of new scientific products and theories, but also give the patient cutting-edge options that may not be otherwise available to them. All studies are considered based on a Hippocratic model of benefit and significance to our patients. Our research staff has over 50 years of combined research experience under direction of licensed board certified Clinical Research Investigator, Bhupinder Singh, MD. Our staff consists of medical professionals with an extensive accumulation of research, nursing, and physician experience, which insures our patients are followed diligently and carefully throughout the course of the research participation.

SCRI maintains a searchable clinical research database of over 60,000 active patients. We have experience in Phase I-IV trials, including device and dialysis trials.

We currently have studies underway in the pharmaceutical treatment areas of diabetic nephropathy, iron deficient anemia, phosphorus control, lupus nephritis, and other processes associated with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal failure. In our interventional nephrology suites, we participate in dialysis catheter, A/V stent as well as other device studies including investigational products to extend and prevent infection in long-term catheter patients